Where We Live & What We Know
Paul Gent, in partnership with Charnwood Arts and Modern Painters, New Decorators 12 May - 23 June 2018

Paul Gent presented a series of new drawings made alongside residents of Charnwood that explored place, participation and the act of sketching. Charnwood Arts and Modern Painters, New Decorators worked alongside Paul to produce a series of texts, structures and modes of display.

‘Where We Live & What We Know’ was created from a participatory project which engaged villages in Charnwood in workshops, drawing tours and opportunities for villages to share their history as part of Charnwood Arts’ ‘People Making Places’ programme. The resulting artworks celebrated the rudiments of drawing as a tool that can actively engage us with our surroundings; whether landscape, architecture or human. ‘Where We Live & What We Know’ encouraged new links and modes of collaboration across the borough, in turn creating a living, breathing, personal and public archive.

Paul Gent is a visual artist who works with schools, universities and community centres. Using cartoons, murals, mapping and games, Paul creates a process that allows participants to take ownership over the artwork. ‘Where We Live & What We Know’ was supported by Rawlins Community Trust, Charnwood Borough Council and Arts Council England.
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