The Ground Is Good
Olivia Bax, Eva Masterman, Leomi Sadler17 March - 28 April 2018
Clay is ubiquitous across our homes, businesses and cultures; in many religions clay forms the beginnings of life itself. Both well-known and enigmatic, clay connects us with our industrial legacy, our natural surroundings and to our own sense of touch. Loughborough has long been a site that is rich with clay, and helped to support the nation's brick-making industry during the 18th Century.

‘The Ground Is Good’ showcases different approaches and new perspectives on contemporary clay practice. The artists in this exhibition are joined by their use of clay as a material with a set of rules and parameters, setting up a dialogue across disciplines. During the course of the exhibition we invited local families and members of the Baca Charity and the Exaireo Trust to respond to the clay and ceramics on display; our groups took things back to basics making tradition handmade coil pots. Coiling is a technique which has been used to shape clay into vessels for thousands of years. It was new experience for some, and a nostalgic one for others. The project was made possible by Charnwood Borough Council.
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