She Makes Music For The Age Of Machines
Nathan Bisette & Mateus Domingo, Natasha Brzezicki, Tayler Fisher, Paul Gittins, Emily Hawes, Chris Thornhill11 October - 9 November 2019

‘She Makes Music for the Age of Machines’ presents artworks which explore alternative ways of making, organising and experiencing sound. The exhibition features new and existing work by collaborative duo Nathan Bissette and Mateus Domingos, Natasha Brzezicki, Paul Gittins and Emily Hawes.

“You take a sound, any sound, record it and then change its nature by a multiplicity of operations - you produce a vast and subtle symphony. It’s a sort of modern magic. Some musicians believe it may become an art form in its own right.”
Daphne Oram, 1957

Focusing on the belief that sound can be used as a means by which to pause and contemplate, ‘She Makes Music for the Age Of Machines’ attempted to reconnect us with our environment through listening. The exhibition brought together artists who look outside the mainstream ways of experiencing sound, whether this is through ambient tones, new musical languages or ways of documenting sound. The exhibition included instruments, sculpture, music, prints and video. The gallery also acted as a performance space for musicians during the exhibition.

We would like to thank musicians Chris Thornhill and Tayler Fisher for their performances during our opening night and Harry Freestone for their time and support in installing the exhibition.
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