Our Common Mercies
Ursula Rose Rae and David John Scarborough
29th April - 1st July 2023
'Our Common Mercies' was a project space and workshop series facilitated by artists Ursula Rose Rae and David John Scarborough, featuring co-produced artworks by artists, students and young people. Ursula Rose Rae is a multimedia artist and learning programmer. David John Scarborough is an artist and curator. ‘Our Common Mercies’ is a testing ground to prototype new ideas, host creative processes and begin tentative conversations around hopefulness; "to reflect on what it means to be public, and how we can realise artworks made from a dialogue between artists, audiences, community, and place." (Mat Jenner, 2023). The exhibition's title is adapted from text engraved on 'The Fearon Fountain', which stands in the middle of Loughborough's marketplace. The fountain marks where the Archdeacon Fearon brought the first piped water to the town centre in the 19th Century. The fountain is now dry. 

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