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As part of a research project, Ursula and David hosted workshops centred on 'thinking through making'. Alphabets and graphics were prototyped through shapes and textures gathered from the town centre including street pavings, drain covers, tiles and shop signs. Using collage, text and typography were cut, cropped and combined from newspapers, adverts and posters to develop mottos and mantras; ways of working and directions to follow. Participants created and added new emblems; suns, burgers, hearts and flowers.

Ursula and David worked with young people, students and artists to develop these outcomes into prints and textiles. Technician Harry Freestone has designed furniture to host workshops, reading and reflection. Film-makers Joshua and Josie Jones created a video series screening online and in the gallery, documenting these processes and conversations. New artworks were added as we hosted workshops with artists Ama Dogbe and Mateus Domingos. Rather than offer an answer or a worldview, the exhibition puts forward a series of conversation starters; What's important to you? What is your motto or mantra? What should we make together? Who needs to be a part of the conversation? How do we host guests? How do we move forwards? How do we move up?
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