Alien Invasion

Ama Dogbe
3rd November 2023 -
27th January 2024

Ama Dogbe presents a new version of Alien Invasion, an interactive web-based game. In Alien Invasion, figures descend upon a garden-like world, and players follow paths to uncover talismans, relics and icons. The game has been created in part through photogrammetry, the process of creating 3D digital outcomes from photographs. Using physical and digital repetition, Ama has created a web of symbols that are both strange and familiar. The game is accompanied by a soundtrack of electronic, ambient and contemporary hip-hop by musician Louis Jack. The video game is available to play below. The project is funded by Arts Council England.


  • The game should be played on a desktop computer
  • Click the blue Fullscreen button 
  • After introduction video has played, click inside game screen to hide mouse
  • Use WASD/arrow-keys and mouse to navigate
  • Press Backspace to skip intro video and any other videos that play
  • Press Esc button to gain control of mouse
  • Press Esc button to exit fullscreen


  • Game design by Ama Dogbe
  • Sound design by Louis Jack
  • Special thanks to David John Scarborough, Celia Marshall, Kwame Dogbe


A full video walkthrough is also available to watch and listen to online.