Hold Up
Lulu Senft
5 February - 26 March 2021
'Hold Up' was a project by Lulu Senft exploring support, grief and narrative through the use of one of her primary materials - clay. The project took place through an exhibition live stream, animation workshop and online talk night across February and March 2021.

Lulu Senft is an animation director, modelmaker and illustrator from London. Lulu’s work is often made up of figures, busts, and faces created using tactile, expressive materials. She describes her work as being “mostly character-led”, and loves to tell stories. Lulu completed a Ceramics Residency with Collective Matter during the project, where her body of work for 'Hold Up' was produced.

The Collective Matter Residency is a six-month artist residency programme, where artists are provided with working facilities, technical assistance and tutorials. Collective Matter is a collaborative project by three artists, Eva Masterman, Mary O’Malley and Katie Spragg. They have a studio space at Sugarhouse Studios in Bermondsey, London, which is managed by Turner Prize winning art, architecture and design group ASSEMBLE.
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