Guest Room
George Chinnery, Sumiko Eadon, Ian Jackson and Demi Levy 28 October - 11 November 2017

Perhaps today more than ever we are aware that we are simply visitors in our own homes. Our houses surround us, and our towns continue to sprawl across the landscape. Yet what seems so certain can disappear into rubble, whether through national disaster or council town planning.

We live in a century that began with the collapse of the World Trade Centre and continues with the displacement of migrant communities. Closer to home we remember the images of the Grenfell Tower alight whilst government begins work on fourteen new ‘Garden Villages’. English writer J.G. Ballard claimed that residential tower blocks, car parks and shopping centres will be our future ruins.

‘Guest Room’ presents a series of works by four artists that look at the contrasting connection and disconnection we can have with our homely surroundings and the temporary nature of architecture. The artists in the show present architecture in fragments; taken apart, rebuilt, layered, cracked and covered, a stratum of human. Nevertheless, the artworks on display don’t simply depict a dystopian worldview; life continues on. In amongst the debris we see the same human dramas reoccurring, overlapping and overlaid.

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